GRIHA version 2019

GRIHA version 2019

Criterion 1: Green Infrastructure

Criterion 2: Low Impact Design Strategies

Criterion 3: Design to Mitigate UHIE

Criterion 7: Energy Optimization

Criterion 10: Visual Comfort

Criterion 11: Thermal and Acoustic Comfort

Criterion 12: Maintaining Good IAQ

Criterion 13: Water Demand Reduction

Criterion 14: Wastewater Treatment

Criterion 15: Rainwater Management

Criterion 16: Water Quality and Self-Sufficiency

Criterion 19: Utilization of Alternative Materials in Building

Criterion 20: Reduction in GWP through Life Cycle Assessment

Criterion 22: Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Criterion 23: Safety and Sanitation for Construction Workers

Criterion 26: Positive Social Impact

Criterion 28: Smart Metering and Monitoring