(#8497) Ancillary facilities for bicycle users- Showers, lockers and changing rooms


This is in regards to the Green Infrastructure Criterion.
The requirement specifies a minimum of 10 % of the parking space to be allocated to bicycles. There is also a requirement of changing rooms, showers, lockers for them.
How many numbers of changing rooms, showers, and lockers need to be provided to achieve the point? Is there a ratio for it?


Under the Green Infrastructure criterion, GRIHA v2019, number of combined shower, locker and changing room facility for each bicycle parking space as per building typology are:
Healthcare facility (per bed) 1 per 4
Hospitality- 1 per 10
Institutional- 1 per 40
Office- 1 per 100
Residential - Nil
Retail- 1 per 100
Transit terminal:
Junction Stations, Intermediate Stations and Bus Stations- 2 per 1000
Terminal Railway and Bus Stations- 3 per 1000
Domestic and International Airports- 4 per 1000



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