(#8423) Version compliance for percentage offset using renewable energy.


The project is 24*7 building and is registered under GRIHA version 3. Is it possible to comply with 0.5% requirement under latest version instead of old version in the project?

Also, the GRIHA version 3 updates in may 2013 conflicts the statement. As per the attached screenshot, in the first sentence it says that internal and external lighting load whereas in the apparaisal line, it says only internal lighting load. So, can we include only internal lighting load for mandatory requirement. OR can we follow version 15 compliance for this criteria?


Projects registered under GRIHA v.3 have to adhere with requirements defined in the specific version of GRIHA rating and cannot be modified or clubbed with any other version or variant of GRIHA.
This is an amendment of version 3 to v.3.1 and as per the amendment "The project needs to demonstrate compliance through installation of renewable energy (equivalent to 1% of total connected load for internal artificial lighting and space conditioning) as part of mandatory compliance requirement.

Project may choose to shift to GRIHA v 2015 and meet compliance as per the current version as a whole. Part version compliance is not accepted.
Project may choose a compliance path as per version 3 or version 2015.


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