(#8320) EPI and Envelope Peak heat gain thresholds for partially conditioned building


We are working on an institutional building located in a moderate climate zone. In this building, around 60% of the spaces are air-conditioned, and rest all are mechanically ventilated. As per Appraisal 8.1.2, the Building Envelope Peak Heat Gain Factor thresholds are mentioned for AC buildings. We would like to have clarity on the following;
1. Can we attempt this appraisal as our building is partially air-conditioned?
2. How can we calculate the building envelope heat gain factor for this partially air-conditioned building and what are the threshold values for different climate zones?


1.Yes, partially conditioned buildings can also attempt Appraisal 8.1.2.
2. The same threshold will be followed for conditioned and partially conditioned buildings.
For building envelope peak heat gain threshold values in each climate zone, please refer to the GRIHA v 2015 manual.


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