(#8281) LPD value consideration for base case EPI calculation using Resbuild


As per Appendix 4 of GRIHA v2015 manual, guidelines have been given for the Resbuild tool, which state that an LPD of 5 W/sq.m. and 4.5 W/sq.m. need to be considered for Internal area lighting and common area respectively. Can we use the actual LPD values for Internal area lighting and common area respectively?


In case if the owner is providing all the lighting fixtures within the flats and common area both, with no provision of installing additional fixtures then the project team can use actual LPD for performing simulation.


In case, if the project team is providing a mandatory guideline in a contract copy defining the LPD, then the same LPD can be used for performing the simulation. 

To demonstrate both aforementioned cases the project will have to submit relevant documents.


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