(#8174) Power rating for air-cooled VRF system


Table 5.5 of ECBC 2009 user guide gives the power consumption rating for packaged air conditioners as per 3TR, 5 TR, 7.5 TR, 10 TR & 15 TR.

How can we get the power consumption per ton of refrigerant for an air cooled VRF system? What would be the power consumptionfor above 15 tons? The table gives only set values. Please suggest the calculation per ton.


To verify if the installed air cooled VRF system is meeting the mandatory compliances as per ECBC 2007, please refer to the Table 5.5 “Power consumption rating for packaged air conditioners - under test conditions”.
In case, the installed system cooling capacity is not within the range from 3 TR to 15 TR as specified in table 5.5, please refer to IS 8148: 2003 code for details.
The Code No.: IS 8148:2003 is attached for your reference.


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