(#8241) Low energy materials in differnt categories


Please confirm if we can consider the use of granite and tiles for flooring and paint, stone, aluminium, veneer, back painted glass on the wall and gypsum board/pop, metal grid on false ceiling as low energy material under criterion 17, GRIHA v 3.1?


If the products under categories of false ceilings/internal partitions/paneling/in-built furniture/flooring/internal door & window panels & frames are meeting any of the following criteria it will be accepted as a low energy material upon submission of relevant documentation -
•Stones from India
•Composite wood based products
•FSC Chain of Custody certified products
•Manufactured products with at least 5% recycled content
•Products with EPD (cradle to gate) analyzed and published as per ISO 14025 / ISO 21930
•Products with water footprint (cradle to gate) analyzed and published as per ISO 14046

Please note: paints mentioned in your query are not a part of the criterion compliance.




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