(#7965) Chilled water supply from LPG process plant


The project has centralized air conditioning unit using the chilled water pipe lines but there will be no water cooled chillers at site to produce & circulate the chilled water within the project space.

Instead, there is a process plant near the site where the LPG in liquid phase at very low temperature is converted into gas phase. During this process, LPG absorbs the heat from liquid solution (glycol + water) and brings down the temperature of liquid solution around to 2°C approx. using plate type heat exchanger. This low temperature liquid solution acts as refrigerant and helps to cool the water which would be circulate in the project space.

Whether the ECBC mandatory requirement of chiller controls (5.2.3) will be applicable to this scenario?

Also, the project has proposed to have stand-by air cooled chillers. Will these stand by chillers have to demonstrate compliance with ECBC mandatory requirement of chiller controls (5.2.3)?


In case the project owner is not responsible for installation of systems, their operations & maintenance and the project is only consuming the chilled water from any source, then the project can consider it as a district water cooling system.

Additionally, to demonstrate the compliance as per ECBC 2007, project can submit supporting documents as mentioned in ECBC 2007 for district cooling system under section 5."


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