(#8036) Campus level transformer ECBC compliance


This query is regarding the requirement of ECBC measurement and reporting of transformer losses.
In the project, only the admin building will be going for GRIHA certification. There are 6 common parallel-connected transformers for the whole project through which the supply is coming to the Admin building. There are other building loads also in these transformers.
To comply with the above ECBC clause, the client is facing a space and budget constraint for providing separate digital meters with CT, PT with accuracy of 0.5 for all the 6 transformers.

Please confirm whether this requirement is mandatory under GRIHA in above scenario.
The project has a numerical relay which can measure the Kwh reading of all these transformers. Can the numerical relay be shown as compliance for the above stated ECBC clause?


As mentioned in the query, there are 6 transformer installed at the campus level; for power supply to the registered building. Hence, the clause of ECBC for demonstrating transformer losses is not applicable to this project, as it consumes power from an existing transformer or transformer installed at campus level (only in case the campus is not registered for certification).


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