(#713)Online calculator is not equipped to handle the project complexities


The current online water calculators have the following issues:

1. Different occupancy types for different areas like Hotel Rooms, Public Areas and both areas cannot be mentioned. There is option to fill only one occupancy type.

2. Fixture usage for only occupancy is defined. For example. Staff and visitors in hotel will be using urinal but guest will be using WC in their respective rooms. This cannot be accounted in this calculation. Further shower usage will only be limited to guests. No visitor will be using shower. This cannot be segregated.

3. Additionally, usage of shower is mentioned as 5, whereas it should be 1 use only.
In case, this is usage of 5 mins for shower, then, the template does not account for faucet usage which will only be for 15 seconds.


1. In case the current online calculator is not equipped to handle the project complexities project team can raise a request for online calculator bypass to info@grihaindia.org mentioning project name, code and criterion no. Project can submit excel file calculations in such cases however the values used in calculations should supported with relevant referenced documents. Also the occupancy considered for calculation can be assumed as per NBC required and calculation done accordingly without segregating the usages.

2. Yes, 5 in the usage of showers is derived from 1 time use in a day for 5 mins. Currently the provided usages for all fixtures and building typologies have been derived on the same principle. Project can assume number of usage different from that provided in the manual, however the same will be accepted only on submission of relevant reference documents such as national codes, peer reviewed papers, etc.  



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