(#588)Is recycled Aggregate considered BIS recommended waste?


GRIHA V 2015 manual's Criterion 19 is Utilization of BIS recommended waste materials in building structure. I wanted to know if a developer uses Recycled Concrete Aggregate or Recycled Aggregate, will he be awarded points in this criterion? Both fine and coarse recycled concrete aggregates have been used to make RCA, conforming to IS 383:2016.


No points will not be awarded under criterion 19 as the intent of criterion is to promote use of BIS recommended waste (such as fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc.) in replacement of cement, however, use of recycled concrete aggregates or recycled aggregates is a good practice and can be awarded points under innovation post submission of relevant documents demonstrating the use of same.
Yes, if the appraisals are met, then points can be awarded.


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