(#8587) How can EPI for multiple buildings be calculated?


Our Project has 8 towers within the site and 2 buildings have a common chiller plant.
1. Are we required to demonstrate individual EPI of each tower or combined EPI for the whole project ?
2. In the energy model of the project, how can we model chillers for such separate buildings having a common chiller plant.?


1. The project can calculate the EPI for each building and the EPI of each building must be below the GRIHA EPI benchmark.
To calculate the energy reduction/saving for the entire project, the project team can also use the weighted EPI method i.e. [Sum of (Built up area of each building x EPI of each building)]/ Total built up area of the building.

2. In case the two buildings have a common chiller, it is suggested that the project team perform the simulation in one model. In case the project team still wants to simulate in two separate models then the district cooling method has to be used. Please note: Meeting the EPI benchmark is a mandatory requirement for each building.



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