(#8557) EPI and renewable energy requirements for project with multiple buildings


Our project has residential staff Quarters, office, training and maintenance blocks with facilities such as Bank, Post office, Shops.
The project seeks clarification for the following queries.
1. Criteria 8 Energy Efficiency.
Is the project required to demonstrate compliance for the complete project or for individual buildings.
2. Criterion 9 Renewable energy utilization
The project does not have an HVAC system and there is no provision of onsite/offsite solar power plants.
Is there a mandatory requirement to install renewable energy in this project


Criterion 8: For all buildings it is mandatory to meet the GRIHA benchmark as mentioned in appraisal.
Additionally, to achieve points, the project team needs to submit the energy reduction calculation at project level highlighting that reduction in design EPI at project level from GRIHA benchmark EPI as mentioned in criterion requirement. In case of mixed typology, weighted average percentage reduction needs to be calculated for the project.

Criterion 9: In case more than 80% of the total built up area of a project is residential, then criterion 9 is not mandatory for the project. For all other cases the project team must meet mandatory requirements as per building typology.


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