What does the term “non-conditioned spaces” refer to in clause 14.1.4 in criterion 14 (GRIHA Version 3)?


The Clause 14.1.4 in criterion 14 ( GRIHA Version 3)  states that in a building that includes both air–conditioned and non-air-conditioned areas, the annual energy consumption of energy systems of each type of space (air-conditioned and/or non-air-conditioned) should not exceed the respective benchmarked energy consumption limits listed in Table 14.1. Does the term “Non-air-conditioned areas” refer to both regularly and non-regularly occupied (corridors, stores, rest rooms, canteen, dinning, parking garage etc.,) areas?


Yes. The term "non-air conditioned" areas refer to both regularly & non-regularly occupied spaces. However, please note that parking area and other spaces in the basement such as DG set room, electrical panel room, STP area etc. are excluded in the EPI calculation.


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