How can a builder make sure that the tenants follow requirements of Criterion 11 (GRIHA Version 03) in their leased apartments?


The project is a core & shell development and spaces will be leased out to tenants. All the toilets in tenant area shall be developed by respective tenants. We are providing provision for use of recycled water for flushing purpose and mentioning the same in tenant guidelines but we do not have control over the toilet fixture specification. The fixtures being installed in common areas by us are in line with GRIHA criterion requirements. How will GRIHA Criterion 11 (GRIHA Version 03) be addressed in such areas?


With respect to the upcoming core and shell development, it is recommended to include minimum water efficiency levels as part of the tenant contract documents. This will provide the tenants the thresholds according to which they can get their interior spaces designed. Along with the contract documents, the tenants can be provided with additional information which will assist them in ensuring compliance with the norms. Some of the suggested documents as mentioned below:
1. Brochures of approved vendors of various fixtures with key fixtures highlighted.
2. Suggested layouts and water savings calculations. This will provide tenants with a good guidance document to follow.


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