Can an apartment building be considered as unconditioned if the owner is not installing air conditioners in any apartment?


Our project is a high-rise apartment complex which will be sold to individual owners. Providing air conditioners is not in our scope and we have no control over whether the owner will install AC or not. In this scenario, we have the following questions:

  1. Is it necessary to simulate this building as air conditioned?
  2. Is it mandatory for residential building to have air conditioners?
  3. Is it mandatory to demonstrate thermal comfort compliance?


  1. Yes. Residential buildings are to be modeled as air-conditioned since most people who purchase an apartment will not shy away from installing air-conditioners for their comfort. If a plug point is being provided for future installation of air conditioners for the occupants, then as per GRIHA, during modeling, the spaces should be considered to be air-conditioned.
  2. No, it is not mandatory for occupants to install air-conditioners. If a home owner does not install air-conditioner, then that's okay.
  3. Thermal Comfort compliance is also a mandate under GRIHA.   


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