(#8444) Provision for physically handicapped persons in a Residential project


The proposed project is a multi-story residential building (Quarters-8 typical buildings) with 256 dwelling units and It has Stilt+7 floors. The project doesn't have any common spaces or amenities spaces. Under Criterion 31, the project should be followed the NBC 2005 Annex D - Clause 12.1.1 whereas in the project, since the common spaces are not available to accommodate the measures like Toilets for disabilities, Main entrances and Ramps, I request GRIHA team to guide the suitable requirements to follow for residential buildings.
Also NBC 2005 Annex D - Clause 12.1.1 (SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PLANNING OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS MEANT FOR USE OF PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED) is meant for the public building, how can we consider the same for residential buildings (Private buildings) where no public spaces are available?
Please refer to the attachment for floor plan & Site plan.


Even residential campuses have public spaces. The requirements for Physically handicapped (PH) persons is to be considered for all the common spaces such as lift lobbies, parking area, lifts, staircases, parks, ramps etc. PH accessibility has to be provided as per area usage in accordance to government guidelines for all these common spaces.


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