(#8362) Which building typology to consider for SHGC calculation for a hospital project.


There are two buildings, one Hospital Block (G+4) and other registration block(G+2) registered under GRIHA. The one which is G+2 has a registration desk and waiting area on ground floor, canteen, pantry and accommodation/dormitory for patients relative on first floor and complete second floor again as accommodation/dormitory for patients relative with proper bed and cupboard. The building is non-ac. The major regularly occupied spaces are dormitories. Shouldn't it fall under the residential/dorm/guest house category with a maximum SHGC limit of 0.45 for glass?


Since the project has similar operations to a hotel, therefore it shall be categorized under commercial category and the SHGC limit in this case will be 0.25 (with WWR below 40%) and 0.2 (with WWR between 40% to 60%). All spaces, whether AC or non AC have to comply with SHGC requirements. 


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