(#8267) Use of bituminous concrete in road in building project


In our project, the concrete road is in bad condition in many patches. The road is being repaired by Providing and laying Bituminous concrete (40-50 mm thick) along with tack coat since bituminous concrete is cost effective compared to mastic asphalt.
In view of above, the following queries have been raised:
1. Is the usage of Bituminous concrete allowed for SVAGRIHA rated Buildings?
2. Will we be able to retain our SVAGRIHA rating even after repairing the concrete road with bituminous concrete along with tack coat?


As it has been mentioned earlier,
1. You are free to use the said material for external site development as long as the percentage of hard paved area on site is maintained as per the original design. Further, external site materials are not within the scope of Criterion 11- Reduce embodied energy of the building.
2. Yes you shall be able to retain the SVAGRIHA rating even after the repair work.


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