(#8212) Plantation requirement and plant factor for native grass


A hospital project has limited space for planting new trees and is a part of a much larger campus and at the time of construction had planted new trees in the campus in accordance with the GRIHA guidelines.
What all needs to be adhered to while planting new saplings for this project and if there is a shortfall of trees will planting new saplings this year be considered for criterion 2?
The building is operational currently and several tree plantation drives were conducted across the period of construction.


The plantation criteria will vary depending on which rating it is a registered under:


  • If it is registered under 


GRIHA for Existing building: To demonstrate compliance with Criterion 2, the project should comply with GRIHA for Existing Building threshold of 1 tree per 80 m2 of the total site/plot area . Total number of trees on site must meet/exceed the GRIHA for Existing Buildings threshold. The project should plant trees which are native to the project location.

  • If it is registered underGRIHA v3.1/GRIHA v2:                                                                                              2.1.5 Preserve existing mature trees on-site during the course of construction by preserving

and transplanting them.

2.1.6 Compensate the loss of vegetation (trees) due to the construction activity by

compensatory plantation. Replant the same number of mature or fully grown trees as eliminated during the construction of the proposed landscape design. Replant 

native and/or non-invasive species, which existed on the site before elimination in the

proportion of 1:3.

2.1.7 Plant in excess of 25% to the minimum required (that is in addition to the requirement

prescribed in commitment 2.1.6) within the site premises (plantation to follow the same

criteria as above).


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