(#8219) Calculation of number of service staff for providing dedicated resting room


A Our’s is a residential tower where the service staff will maintain only the common areas (1 or 2 security and cleaners per shift).
However, the GRIHA guidance for estimation of service staff numbers is based on 5% of building fixed occupancy - which works out to more than 10 persons, which is unnecessary and not feasible for such a project.

We intend to provide a common resting room for 2 persons (1 security + 1 cleaner) who will be present in the project regularly.
Is this sufficient towards criterion compliance.

For Criterion 26.1.2 Can we provide the number of service staff toilets based on the aforementioned staff numbers?


Yes, the project can do so. However, detailed justification for the same should be shared. Awarding of points shall be depended on the discrete decision of the evaluator.


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