(#8171)Percentage of Comfort conditions for cold climate


As per the ECBC, Shillong is categorized under cold climate. However as per GRIHA, there is no specific comfort percentage mentioned for Cold climate. Kindly guide us on the percentage of comfort conditions (<33 deg and 70% RH) to be met for Cold Climate.


As specified under Criterion 11, in air-conditioned spaces, the thermal comfort conditions as specified in the NBC-2005, BIS, Part 8, Building Services; Section 3, Air-conditioning, Heating, and Mechanical Ventilation; Section 4.4.3, Inside Design Conditions, should be met to the fullest for all occupied hours for all climate types.

For non-air conditioned, naturally ventilated spaces thermal comfort requirements as per NBC 2016, ASHRAE 55, or the Indian Adaptive Thermal Comfort model (refer to Appendix 1 of GRIHA v. 2015 abridged manual) have to be met for 90% of the occupied hours for buildings in cold climates.


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