(#8071) Strategies for reducing water consumption during construction.


Project is planning to use AAC blocks for 100% masonary work with block chemical adhesive for mortar and gypsum plaster for finishing of walls. All the three components i.e. AAC Blocks, Bonding Adhesive and the gypsum plaster do not require any water for curing purpose as against conventional approach of 28 days water curing in brick wall and cement plaster construction system. Can these strategies as three distinct strategies be used and documented for water use reduction and water management during construction. These strategies are in addition to other strategies used for RCC structure i.e. ponding & hessian cloth used for curing.


The project team must demonstrate at least 3 from the following list of strategies to manage water during construction

  • Using gunny bags for curing and using ponding for curing
  • Monitoring to avoid leaks and water wastage
  • Use of additives to reduce water requirements during curing
  • Use of treated waste water/captured storm water

Using bonding adhesive is a structural requirement as reported in many visits as using PPC mortar have many times resulted in cracks in wall (one of the reasons along with other issues), hence it is not accepted as a water management strategy during construction.

Further, with regard to the use of gypsum plaster, it may be accepted as one of the strategies for reducing water requirement during curing .

A third strategy in addition to the use of gunny bags and ponding for curing and use of gypsum plaster, must be adopted and requisite documents must be submitted to demonstrate compliance.


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