(#7939) SHGC calculations- Multiple queries


1. Request you to let us know if any interior spaces can be exempted from effective SHGC compliance calculations for GRIHA v 2015. To be more specific, stair cases, corridor, electrical rooms, Repro rooms, Pantry, AHU rooms, storage areas, toilets, corridors, lobby etc.

2. A project has non-typical shading device for which effective SHGC calculations in the GRIHA GRIHA v 2015 calculator may not be exactly suitable. For example, a window has vertical shading device only one side or the shading device is inclined at an angle. In such cases, can we calculate effective SHGC, using Ecotect software?


1. Please refer to this previously answered query on our help center: https://grihaservice.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003455425-Windows-of-which-areas-are-exempt-from-meeting-SHGC-requirements-

2.. Ecotect can be used for shading analysis and the methodology for the same is defined as considering heat gains for window without shade and with shade for 4 months in a year and averaging the SC values thus obtained.


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