(#7850) Low energy walling material


Our project will be designed with mivan with fly ash content of 25% (maximum as per IS code). However, it is not meeting the requirements of 40% fly ash content in walling material.  The walls will be using concrete with fly ash, but since mivan shuttering cannot have more than 25% fly ash content, will our project achieve points for low-energy materials in walling material?


1) Since Mivan shuttering has fly ash content of <= 25%, as per Criterion 15 (15.1.2) of GRIHA v3 and Criterion 19 (19.1.2) of GRIHA v. 2015, points won’t be awarded for using it as a walling material.
2) Kindly share detailed RMC highlighting fly ash content in the proposed structural/ walling system. Points will be awarded depending on the overall use of low- energy materials. Further, the project team can consider the proposed structural system in reduction of embodied energy of the building structure as per Criterion 16 (16.1.1) of GRIHA v3 and Criterion 20 of GRIHA v. 2015.


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