(#7816) Advance metering requirement


In GRIHA EB, criterion 4 specifies monitoring and metering. Under 4.1.2: advance metering, Co2 levels have to be monitored for comfort and indoor air quality. In case of naturally ventilated spaces how can this be applicable? Is it advisable to install metering for highly occupied naturally ventilated spaces? What is the limit of occupancy per sq.m. to call it as a highly occupied area?


Response: Yes CO2 monitoring under appraisal 4.1.2 (Advanced metering) is applicable in naturally ventilated buildings as well. The intent is to measure and then to manage.
As per GRIHA EB, it is stated that monitoring should be done in all regularly occupied spaces. Regularly occupied spaces are defined in NBC 2005 (Table 4- Outdoor Air Requirements for Ventilation of Air Conditioned Areas and Commercial Facilities).


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