(#811) Compliance report trigger mail


We are receiving email reminders that the compliance report is not yet submitted for GRIHA evaluation and project is not meeting the mandatory criterion. The compliance report has already been uploaded by us and it has been submitted to GRIHA officials who conducted the due diligence site visit, as well. Also, it was confirmed by the GRIHA team that the project meets compliance through email. Kindly tell us what needs to be done.


If the project team is getting reminders it means that the report is not uploaded at the designated location on the online panel. Project team needs to upload the report through client login in the project document tab against the site visit report there is an option to upload compliance.
Please note that once the file is successfully uploaded, the upload compliance tab should not be visible and the trigger will be stopped automatically.
Alternatively, you may also send an email at info@grihaindia.org clearly mentioning the project code, site visit (1, 2, and 3) with compliance report attached. The report can also be uploaded from our side.



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