(#767) 2-way communication with GRIHA platform


The project is in process of implementing 2 way communication.
In this regard, kindly communicate GRIHA server requirements or any other IT related requirements / formats, so that all requisites can be integrated in our software design.

Kindly provide the specific format for data sharing so that same can be shared with metering software developer.

Also, provide the details of web services / API to be shared with frequency through one way / two way communication between GRIHA server and our site metering server.

 Please share the details of any operational site or metering company where same integration already processed for our understanding and seamless process.


The cloud platform of the service provider will have to be connected with GRIHA benchmarking platform to share the information mentioned in the clause (28.1.4). So, the smart meter can send the data to their service provider's cloud server, from where using the APIs, the GRIHA benchmarking platform can pick up the permissible data.
The smart meter manufacturer/service provider will have to contact GRIHA Council to initiate the process. Kindly connect your provider with us for further information.

Please find below the required details:

  • The REST web service API should return the data in JSON format. We need two endpoints
  • 1) building details with sensors installed (Ecolibrium building details.json)
  • 2) Date wise filtering of sensors collected data (Ecolibrium sensor data datewise.json)
  • The sample APIs provided by Ecolibrium can be seen in the attached files.

We’ll access the APIs whenever the client accesses the calculators in the GRIHA panel. It will fetch the previous one year data.


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