(#591)Diaphragm wall for maintaining slopes and carry out excavation during monsoon


The project is employing diaphragm wall which acts as a retaining wall. The need for battered slopes is eliminated in the process and less quantity of soil is excavated after the vertical diaphragm walls are constructed over conventional excavation practice.
Diaphragm walls shall be constructed pre monsoon and the excavation is intended to be carried out during the monsoon months. With proper erosion channels on the rest of the site and protected vertical faces of excavation, soil erosion shall be avoided as is the intent of Criterion 6 Preserve and Protect Landscape during Construction, despite the excavation being carried out in monsoon months.
Will the project be entitled to the Points under Criterion 6?


The aim of the criterion is minimizing site disturbance and/or erosion due to excavation activity. If the project can demonstrate that all aforementioned issues were kept in check, then the point will be awarded. Relevant documentation such as dated photographs, monsoon preparedness plan should be submitted to demonstrate compliance and same shall be verified during due diligence site visit by GRIHA Council.


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