(#8080) Innovation points for organic waste management.



Points for managing the organic waste/waste water on site are being considered under criterion 16 and criterion 23 in GRIHA 2015.

The project registered under GRIHA v3.1 is initiating this method to reduce the post occupancy landfill and to utilise and promote the recycle and reuse of the organic waste as manure.

In such cases, under GRIHA v3.1, this initiation is very unique and we request this to be  considered under innovation.


The manure generated from OWC or sludge from STP cannot be considered under innovation since points for managing the organic waste/waste water on site is already being considered and rewarded under Criterion 16 and Criterion 23 respectively in GRIHA v 2015. 

The same is being catered under Criterion 25 and Criterion 20 respectively in GRIHA v3.1.The basic intent of the criteria is to prevent post occupancy load on landfills and public infrastructure and the rating has been structured to avoid double counting of points hence it cannot be considered for innovation points.


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