(#8627) Can a project score points under Criterion 20 by using PPS and AAC blocks for construction


We are in the process of finalising the specifications for construction materials for our project.t Can  using PPC cement with 30% fly ash and AAC blocks/fly ash bricks with 40% fly ash make the project eligible to achieve 2 points under Appraisal 20.1.1.

If not what additional steps to be taken to achieve these points.


To claim points for embodied energy reduction under Criterion 20, GRIHA v2015, the project team needs to submit the design case building structural calculations along with base case structural calculations. An RCC structure with burnt clay brick masonry has to be considered in the base case. The live load, equipment load and spans between the design and the base case should be the same. The total length of masonry walls should be the same in the design and base case.

You may consult the structural consultant of the project for submitting the calculations and estimating the points.


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