(#8608) Waste generation as per NBC 2005 in a GRIHA v3 project.


Our project is a commercial building and is registered under GRIHA v3
As per GRIHA v3, the wet waste for a commercial building is calculated in terms of BUA (i.e. 0.038kg/sqm/day).
The BUA for the building (excluding the basement parking area) is 6712sq.m, hence, the wet waste capacity is calculated to be about 255kg/day (6721*0.038).
However, as per NBC 2016, the wet waste generation is calculated based on occupancy, i.e. 0.2kgs/person/day. The occupancy for the project is 200. Based on NBC 2016, the wet waste generation will be 40kg/day (200*0.2). This will make the criteria not applicable for the project.
Can we take the requirements as per NBC 2016?


Yes you may use the NBC values for waste generation.


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