(#8576) On-site water reuse for part of a township project.


For on-site water reuse, since the project is a residential building, the domestic water consumption is on the higher side, as compared to a commercial building. Also, since the buildings are non -air conditioned, hence the use of treated waste water is limited only to landscape and flushing water.
Since the project is a part of a township (first phase), the treated wastewater will be stored in an irrigation pond, which is outside the project boundary, and the same will be used for irrigation of Golf course (also outside the project boundary). Also , The project will sign an agreement with local nearby farmers to provide their treated wastewater for their farmland irrigation purpose.
Can these measures be used to apply for points under this credit, since the entire treated wastewater will be reused.


No, the current strategy will not be accepted as the criterion intent is to reduce the project's dependency on municipal/bore water. As the intent is not being met hence the same cannot be accepted under Criterion 17. However, the project can consider attempting this strategy under innovation criterion with documentation to support it.


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