(#8549) Multiple queries for EPC project.


We are planning to register a project under GRIHA v2019.
1. Signed BOQ's have been requested, however this project has been handed to the EPC contractor and thus there are no changes in BOQ's are possible now.Kindly suggest ways to meet the compliance of provision of signed BOQ's.
2. For Appraisal 1.1.3,, in case a site is devoid of existing trees or does not have the numbers to meet the point requirements, what alternatives can be adopted to achieve the point. Also if a few mature trees are cut can this project still apply for the point through alternative compliances.
Looking forward to your support.


1. A supporting letter from the client on letter head along with project DBR can be attached along with BOQ's (not signed).
2. There is no alternative path to demonstrate compliance with the tree plantation clause. Since this is not a mandatory requirement therefore the project team loses a point in case the threshold of planting one tree per 80 sq m of site area is not met.
As a mandatory requirement 3 trees are to be planted on site in compensation of every single tree cut of the same native/ naturalized species.


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