(#8534) How to choose rating variant?


We would like assistance with deciding what rating system to pursue for a project with the following details.
The project consists of 2 buildings situated in the same plot boundary.
Building 1 is a control room building with a built-up area of 1980 sq. m, which will be a single-story structure. The building houses various engineering and operation rooms along with racks for control systems.
Building 2 is a substation building with a built-up area of 4823.88 sq m, and G+1 structure. This building will house transformers and capacitors along with a control room.

We would like to pursue a single certification for both the buildings combined. Kindly let us know what would be the best rating system to register with for the same.


This project can be registered under SVAGRIHA, however, building 2 ( substation building ) shall not be considered in the BUA calculations since it has non habitable spaces.
Please ensure that a GRIHA virtual boundary can be created including both the buildings and any ancillary services.




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