(#8508) SHGC compliance for retail shops not under developer’s scope


We are developing a mixed use building with retail shops, theatres and offices in it. Retail's glass will be furnished by the shop buyers and are not in developer's scope. The developer will be providing the rolling shutters in the retail areas as part of the sale model.
Please suggest if the mandatory requirement of 0.25 SHGC be exempted for retail areas or the way forward to meet the SHGC requirement of those spaces.


Project team has to assume worst case scenario for energy simulations defined as follows:
Opening for roller shutter to be considered as fenestration for WWR calculation, SHGC of the fenestration (roller shutter area) to be considered as 0.82, U-value: 7.1 W/m2*K, and VLT: 76% (as per ECBC 2007).
Please note it is essential to meet all mandatory requirements of GRIHA rating to achieve certification.


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