(#8489) Daylight autonomy analysis hours


GRIHA Mentions that the daylight should not exceed 3000 lux for total analysis hours for the whole regularly occupied area. However, a threshold of the analysis hours is not mentioned. It is highly unlikely that the building will satisfy the mandatory requirement of not exceeding the 3000 lux for the whole annual analysis hours. There will be 5-10% of annual analysis hours where the daylight is going to exceed above 3000 lux. So how do we comply with this mandatory requirement? Kindly Help.


Lux levels should not exceed 3000 lux at any point in time during the entire span of the annual analysis (800 hrs to 1800 hrs each day). Implementing sustainable passive design strategies in your project can help you meet this mandatory compliance. Alternatively, you can opt for Alternative 1 under Criterion 11, GRIHA v2015 to demonstrate daylight compliance.


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