How to convince client to go for GRIHA EB (other than EE)?

*GRIHA EB’s points’ distribution is drafted such that, all those existing buildings (EB) which aim for greenness can be benefitted to a certain extent in terms of their performance.
*Aligned with National guidelines and protocols
*GRIHA encourages the purchase of the local green products for the day to day activities like housekeeping and pest control. The ingredients of the purchased products can be locally available and can act as a substitute for the conventional resource consuming materials but at the same time the intent must not be defeated.
*Wide ranges of no cost Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) are encouraged by GRIHA in the EBs and are supported by lucrative points’ allocation.
*Energy efficiency of the EB can be demonstrated by performing better than the base case which is developed based on the EB’s energy audit reports and comparing it to the design case.
*The use of RE options aligns with that of national policies to promote RE and GRIHA offers alternatives in this criterion. Both on-site and off-site RE installations can be adopted in order to achieve points in this criterion.
*Rain water harvesting is promoted by GRIHA for the EBs in accordance to the CGWB norms and an option of:
i. Only roof and
ii. 100% of the catchment area are provided for the same
*Indoor acoustic comfort is given due consideration by GRIHA in the EBs thus giving a considerable reduction in the noise levels.
*An entire section is dedicated to the social aspects like the universal accessibility as well as the spreading of environmental awareness.
*Bonus points are awarded in case the attempt is made to go beyond the scope of the manual and thinking for enhanced sustainability.


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