Can CRC door and window panels be considered as low energy material for door & window panels?


The project team has decided to install C.R.C. panels for doors & windows.
Can we consider this material under low energy material for door & window panels?



The material should have any of the following qualities to be considered as low energy to demonstrate compliance:
- Have recycled content more than 5%
- Manufactured from rapidly renewable material
- Composite wood products (more than 5% recycled content)
- Utilizing industrial waste (more than 5% recycled content)
If proposed C.R.C. panel meets any of the specifications, then it may be considered as a low energy material (subjected to technical review and acceptance by GRIHA Council Technical Team). However, detailed specifications etc. as mentioned in the compliance requirements are required to determine the same.
Project team will be required to submit 3rd part test report as compliance documents during the final submission or, project team can also ask the manufacturer to get the product enlisted in GRIHA product catalogue, which will reduce the documentation to be provided by the team.


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