Is it mandatory to meet SHGC compliance for display windows in a mall? How can compliance with day lit zone and day light factor be demonstrated in a mall?


We are currently accessing the feasibility of GRIHA certification for a mall cum multiplex project and we require clarification on GRIHA mandatory requirements for criterion 13 (GRIHA Version 03).

1. Is it mandatory to meet SHGC compliance for display windows?

2. The projects is a mall which is an inward looking building and has retail spaces opening into the central atrium and has display windows on all external facades. Further, no provision of day lighting is provided in multiplex due to the specific function of the space. Hence the project is facing challenge in meeting the mandatory requirement for having a minimum 25% area as day lit. Further there is no Daylight factor requirement for retail/multiplex mentioned in SP 41/NBC.


1. The SHGC compliance is a mandatory requirement . Only the display windows with opaque surface at the back of the same on external facade are exempted from SHGC calculation (WWR need to be meet as per standards). Please refer the attached image for more clarity. 

2. The retail spaces and theatres in the project do not need to comply with any daylight factor threshold in Criterion 13 (GRIHA Version 03) since there is no prescribed daylight factor for retail spaces / shops.


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