I have calculated the daylight areas according to table 13.6 in criterion 13 (GRIHA Version 3) using AutoCAD. How can I input the data into the online daylight calculator?


The table 13.6 in criterion 13 (GRIHA Version 3) has a format requiring to calculate day lit area according to the formula (A=2H x W+2m). Also, total day lighted area is expressed as a product of no. of windows (n) and daylight area (A).
In my current project, the building has the following aspects:
1. Atypical windows
2. Different widths on either side of the window to the nearest wall. Therefore, the formula to calculate day lighted area cannot be used.
3. I have multiple windows in each room. Therefore I have calculated the day lighted area, using CAD, to combine overlapping areas.
How am I supposed to enter these values in the format specified? Is it alright to provide the required details in any other format?


The online Daylight calculator only requests for the areas falling under daylight zone. The same can be calculated on AutoCAD and can be fed in the tool.


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