Is it necessary to meet thermal comfort conditions of criterion 14(GRIHA Version 3) in kitchens?


The kitchens of a residential project are being considered as naturally ventilated. The indoor temperature benchmark is being met with the help of an improved building envelope, but meeting with the indoor RH benchmarks in Warm and Humid Climate is a struggle. It was suggested to model the effect of ceiling fans using TRYNSYS and CFD modeling. Ceiling fans cause air-movement which would lower the air temperature, however would not dehumidify the air. Considering kitchens are not occupied all the time, do they still have to meet thermal comfort conditions of criterion 14 (GRIHA Version 3)?


We do understand that it is extremely tough to control humidity in naturally ventilated spaces, especially during the monsoon period. Therefore, compliance will be met as long as the indoor temperature, in naturally ventilated spaces, meets the GRIHA requirement.


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