CRITERION 5 (Air and Pollution Control): Setting up aggregate crusher plant inside the project premises.


In order to avoid the usage of river sand in concrete and other construction works, we have decided to replace the river sand with crushed sand. We intend to set up a track mobile crusher unit inside the project premises (away from present construction activities) for the production of coarse and fine aggregates so that the subsequent environmental pollution can be reduced. We hereby assure you that the crusher operation will be completely protected with barricading and necessary sprinklers will be provided to avoid dust pollution. We request your no objection certificate for setting up aggregate crusher plant inside the project premises.


There is no provision of providing a NOC for such action in GRIHA. However, air pollution control (Criterion 09, GRIHA Version 3), is a mandatory requirement in GRIHA. Setting up the aggregate crusher plant at project site with necessary precautionary arrangements will not prevent the project from obtaining GRIHA rating.


  • Sustainable site planning
  • Air and Pollution Control
  • Health and Well - being
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