Can pre-certification be done for SVAGRIHA projects?


The client wishes to register a project under SVA GRIHA.
Could a provisional rating be awarded under pre-certification of SVA GRIHA projects for marketing and branding purposes?
If yes, then how much time does it take to award the pre-certification after document submission.
Would there be separate fees for pre-certification?
Secondly, how long does it take to award the final rating after construction completion under SVA GRIHA?



A pre-certification rating can be provided under SVAGRIHA to the project. There is a separate registration fees for the same which is Rs. 30,000/- plus taxes as applicable.
The evaluation of the documents and award of rating will take approximately 2 weeks from GRIHA Council's end. The time required by consultants to respond to GRIHA Council's queries would be additional.


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