Are dual switch systems with manual on/off switches and dual lighting circuits accepted as lighting controls? Will the project satisfy ECBC requirements and be GRIHA compliant?


The building is multi-functional with an academic block and residential block. No automatic controls are proposed in the corridors. The building is being fitted with a dual switch system with manual on/off switches at both ends of the corridors. Also, they are providing dual and triple circuits in the lighting layout, dividing the total number of lights in two/three circuits. Alternate lights will be grouped in one circuit. Will this be accepted as lighting control and will the building satisfy ECBC and be GRIHA compliant?


If corridors fall under day lighted zone, then only daylight control is required. Control may be automatic or manual, but it should be capable of turning 50% light in day lighted zone. Dividing the total number of lights in two/three circuits is acceptable in GRIHA if they satisfy the intent.


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