(#8411) Multiple queries


We have certain queries regarding our GRIHA for Existing dayschools project:
1) Criterion 3 - Outdoor Lighting: There is only one lamp at the entrance of the building. There are no lighting systems in the exterior areas of the campus as there are major street lights next to the boundry wall that light up the entire compound which makes general outdoor lighting in the campus redundant. Kindly advise on how to approach this criterion.

2) Criterion 6 - Thermal Comfort: The school is naturally ventilated space and we have all the fans with BEE 5 star Rating installed throughout the building. However in Classrooms as per the table given in the Criterion 6 suggests required fans must be 900/4 while installed are 1200/2. The Size of Room is 5.98m x 5.98m. Kindly let us know if it still meets the requirement.

3)Criterion 13 - Organic Waste: As per the thumb rule calculation mentioned in the waste management calculator, the amount of organic waste generated as per the occupancy is 32.8 kgs. While site conditions state that the total organic waste generated is as low as 2kgs per day. Kindly suggest how to fulfil the compliance of this Criterion. Presently we are not having any waste management system on site. Hence in this case what should be the size of the system we can install.

4)Rain water harvesting system was installed in February 2020. However due to Covid, the operations of the system weren't done. In this case how do we calculate the water usage.


1) The outdoor lighting compliance has to be met even if there is one exterior light.

2) The project will lose 2 points if they fail to meet this criterion.

3) The project team needs to install a small scale composting system and give justification for the amount of waste produced in order to fetch points under this criterion.

4) The water usage would be calculated based on the water balance diagram and the storage planned (if any) as per the RWH system design. It is not necessary for the system to actually be functional for the calculations.



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