(#8231) Can usage of products expired in the GRIHA product catalogue also help in earning points?


Can the project get points for using the products listed in the product catalogue despite the certification having been expired.


Products enlisted in the GRIHA product catalogue can be installed in the project to claim points under various criteria as per the GRIHA criteria enlistment. However, relevant PO's indicating the product model no. along with certificate of enlistment would be required to be submitted.
Please note if the product is/was enlisted and the validity has not expired when the PO/invoice was raised, the product will be accepted to be compliant. However if the order has been placed post the expiry date then the project team is required to submit all the documents for compliance (refer detailed manual) to claim that the product is a low impact product, for more details please visit https://www.grihaindia.org/register-product.


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