(#650) Registration for industrial buildings


1) Our industrial project has admin, library and one industrial building with most of its occupancy and 5-6 nos. of industrial buildings with less occupancy.
2) How can we go about GRIHA rating for such industrial campus?
3) Would the registration and certification fees be calculated for entire project built up area?
4) What about calculations for embodied energy and water etc. which may be applicable to the industrial buildings, would these calculations be included or excluded? OR does it imply that only site area can be considered in total with the admin, library and prototype shop, rest all needs to be excluded from all the calculations and simulations?


1) Since GRIHA rating is applicable for habitable spaces, the project team can avail rating for all habitable buildings even those with less occupancy.

2) Industrial campuses can be registered for GRIHA Rating. Some of the key parameters such as daylight & thermal comfort shall be assessed only for the regularly occupied offices. Additionally, the industrial campus can be modelled without considering process load under the energy section.

3) Registration fees will be calculated on the total built up area.

4) The project will consider full site for all site related criteria, however only habitable buildings will be covered under the building criteria.


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