(#8152) Compliance for GRIHA LD


1. Clarity on whether to adhere to ECBC 2007 or 2017 and NBC 2005 or 2016 with respect to GRIHA LD compliances.

2.Whether occupancy sensors are mandatory for artificial lighting.

3. Whether DG sets with BEE star rating are mandatory.

4. For all the computer-based labs in the engineering department, whether DF of 1.9 is acceptable?

5.In skylight glazing, whether SHGC of 0.41 is acceptable where the maximum benchmark is 0.4?

6. Revised indigenous tree species list for Bhilai agro climate zone.


1. ECBC 2007 and NBC 2005 have to be used for GRIHA LD compliances.

2. Installation of occupancy sensors in rooms/cabins with less than 30 sqm area is exempted in GRIHA LD.

3. DG sets with BEE star rating are not mandatory

4. For computer-based labs, DF of 1.9 is acceptable with justification and supporting documents.

5. For skylights, SHGC of 0.41 is not acceptable for 0-2% SRR in composite climate.

6. Please refer to GRIHA's Tree manual at- https://www.grihaindia.org/sites/default/files/pdf/Manuals/native-vegetation.pdf for indegenious species in the project's agro-climatic zone.


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