(#8163)Registering computer workstation in product catalogue


1. What is the documentation required and what are the acceptance criteria for listing the following product: Workstation (computer workstation). Basic materials used in workstation are MDF board, Prelaminated Particle Board and 0.8mm MS CRCA sheet. 2. Which product category is applicable for workstations?


1. Please submit the following documents or request the manufacturer to register the product with our product catalogue:
Copies of challans along with Bills/ PO of waste /recycled content procured and used in the manufacturing of the product.
Also, establish the percentage of recycled materials used in your product.
Photographic/ video documentation explaining the manufacturing process of your product.
BIS compliance certificate of the product (if applicable).
2. Products can be registered under 'Inbuilt furniture' or 'Composite wood based products'.


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